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About Bitcrunch



Our story so far….
A group of friends decided to start a software company over a few burgers and beer. We knew we were good with Apps and Software development and thought hey – why not start a company that brings the two together? Alen and Crunch met each other skating car parks and over time an unlikely friendship developed.  They decided to start up Bitcrunch and needed to put a team together. In came Deepy and Hot Guy, who now call NZ home and love living in Kiwi-land. Then we just kept growing, with Daniel Son eventually joining the team.

Our Company 
We're a fun, friendly team who genuinely love doing what we do. People call it work  the jury is still out on whether we call it that! Building software is what we enjoy.


Our Vision

We want to see our software used by thousands of people all over the world. Quite simply nothing would give us more of a kick than to see a community of people using our products.

Our Mission

Our team just gets a kick out of solving business problems and watching people get as excited as we do about using our products. When we talk to people and they say, "that’s really cool" - we know we have done our job right! Our mission is to hear our clients say those words as often as possible.

Why choose bitcrunch?

We make the process easy to understand and not so daunting. Building software should be fun and enjoyable. We take a complicated process and produce software that makes sense for your business.


Who We Are? Meet Our Team!

Al bosso

Project Manager

Daniel Son


Hot Guy

Lead Developer


Front end & back end Developer


App Developer

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